Plan a Family Camping Trip at Disney’s Fort Wilderness

When you want to plan the ultimate camping trip consider Fort wilderness at Walt Disney World in Florida, they offer many loops containing 784 campsites. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort offers 4 different types of campsites Tent/Pop-Up Campsite, Full Hook-Up Campsite, Preferred Hook-Up Campsite and Premium Campsites.

Fort wilderness makes a great home base since you are literally at the center of the Magic Kingdom; retreating to your site during the hot afternoon hours may prove to be an excellent idea.

Exploring Disney can be somewhat daunting if you do not have a general idea of how everything works the transportation and ticket center (ttc) is the hub of most Disney owned transportation. You can catch a ferry to Walt Disney world, monorail to Epcot and buses to most popular destinations.

There are many ways to keep your family entertained in your campground like horseback riding, boat rentals. Authentic country dinning and plenty of room to walk around and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Discovery island in right in your neighborhood and trust me if your kids like animals this is a great way to spend an afternoon. Parrots gators and even giant turtles are just some of the animals they will find on the island. I recommend staying for the Parrot / bird show its real fun.

You may be thinking alright this sounds great I will book now, well there’s a snag you are going to need to book at least a year in advance even for the lesser sites. I recommend you plan two years out this gives you a little more choice.

Personally, I have been to Disney seven times and I always have wanted to camp there the mood is real laid back and serene, this is the kind of place I want waiting after fighting crowds in the parks all day.

Enjoy Your Canoe Trip in Florida

What makes Florida different from the other states in the United States is the fact that there are more ancient canoes found in this side of the country than in any other state. These canoes are, by now, segment of the history of Florida.

Ancient canoes in Florida are considered as good sign of previous watery areas, which in ancient history were believed as popular places in Florida like the key Marco and the Hontoon Island. These places had been dried up as years passed by, and the only tangible (at the least) item that can prove their existences are the canoes in Florida.

This ancient canoes in Florida had been one of the most sought after items in the area. This is because people in Florida seek to preserve all available types of canoes in the state. In this way, they believe that they can preserve history as it unfolds through archaeological proofs such as canoes.

Canoeing in Florida is slowly gaining full recognition throughout the state. People may opt to buy used canoes instead of buying or renting canoes in Florida. They have realized the goodness of canoeing not only in terms of exercise but also how relaxing it can be. Therefore, for those who wish to enjoy the beauty of nature in Florida, it is best to have you own canoe. In this way, they can enjoy the beautiful waters of Florida at their own time.

Florida has about 1700 rivers out of which 40 of them are major ones. Just think about the abundance of opportunities to paddle without traveling too much. Some of most famous areas are Everglades as it has many reserve parks. For example there is Everglades National Park, Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve and also Big Cypress National Preserve. So if you think that there is no good purpose for canoes in Florida, think again. With them you can still reach the best places in Florida that you have not accessed before nor do things that you have note experienced in the past.

Here are some ways on how to enjoy canoeing in Florida. Just be careful!

1. Capture the moment

Just as what Kodak says, always try to capture the moment. You can never go back on it, but you can always see it in photographs. Hence, if you like to take photographs of the best details in the natural habitat in Florida, then it is best that you try canoeing and reach those areas you have not visited before. These places are good subject for your photographs and can also render visible proofs of Florida’s history in the making.

2. Follow the rules

Following rules can be real fun. So before boarding your canoe, it is best that you go over the rules first before you try to start the fun. Watercraft from Florida can provide real fun and excitement but when safety is being neglected, it can bring about trouble, whether it is a new or a used one. It is always advisable to ask local agencies for rules.

3. Fun in fishing

You can instantly start fishing in the Florida waters without having to worry about the expenses. Hence, you can easily start rowing and paddling and find yourself a great place in the water. A good location will always guarantee good catch. For example Florida Keys provides good location. There are many kayaking and canoeing trips with local guides. This will make your canoeing trip even more enjoyable.

So keep in mind Florida for your next canoeing trip as there is plenty to do.