Restaurants – Make Your Client Feel Relaxed in a Casual Setting

If you want to keep your client happy, even when you have business to talk about, you should consider nearby restaurants for your next business meeting. Find out why meeting at a restaurant can make an impact on your client’s mood.

If you are looking to impress a client, you should consider local restaurants as the location for your next meeting. Many companies use the typical venue of a spare meeting room in their office building, but this may intimidate or even bore clients who do not want to spend hours in yet another business setting. Make it a fun day for your clients by selecting a good restaurant. Get to know the reasons for such a venue before you make a reservation.

Most business people spend the majority of their day in an office setting, either in their own private office or a conference room. Typically, going to meetings means that they will use up even more of their day in such a setting, which is not usually something to look forward to. If you do not want your client to feel like meeting with you is a chore, make it fun by getting them out of a stifling, professional atmosphere and into a more relaxed, casual one.

Now considering a casual setting does not mean that you should think about fast food restaurants as the prime spot for your meeting. In fact, try to stay away from places that are bound to have lots of distractions, such as young children, loud birthday parties, or blaring televisions. This means that most chain restaurants and sports bars are likely not great for meetings, so save those for happy hour afterward. However, you do not have to find the most expensive, upscale restaurant ever, either. Pick a place that is known for good food, a casual atmosphere, and plenty of space so that you feel comfortable to sit at a spacious table and talk for hours if necessary.

You want your client to look forward to the meeting, and remember it afterward as a good time rather than one they dread for days. Even if what is being discussed is serious or not very pleasant, feeling relaxed while full from good food always feels better than being stuffed into a small conference room while hungry and wondering when lunch is. Most good restaurants can make anyone feel at-ease during the work day, which most clients appreciate.

If you want your client to look forward to your meetings, you should make them memorable and as fun as possible by picking a good restaurant to meet them at. They will likely appreciate the gesture. Even the most professional business person enjoys taking it easy once in a while during the work day.